Hygiene measures

For Bad Lemons classes that take place at Iwanson International .

Protection and hygiene measures for safe training at Iwanson International

Dear Students and Members,

Due to the Corona Virus and the related risks, the following code of conduct and hygiene rules are to be complied with:

  1. General code of conduct

The entering of the Iwanson School is only allowed via the main entrance, the leaving only via the balcony/ emergency exit.

Entering and leaving the Stiftungsstudios remains the same.

Before entering the building, every person needs to disinfect their hands (dispenser: next to the entrance, 1st floor) and after that wash them thoroughly with soap.

Only Iwanson students, dance teachers, Iwanson employees as well as children and youths who are enrolled with us can enter the building. You are not allowed to bring other people/ third parties into the building.

Children and youths interested in dance classes need to make an appointment beforehand, otherwise they cannot participate.

Everyone is required to wear a mask. You are only allowed to take off the mask during training.

Regular airing must be ensured before and after the training. Depending on the weather, the windows can also be opened during the training.

All surfaces, door and window handles, floors, etc are to be cleaned and disinfected after the training.

The use of the shows and changing rooms is not allowed.

Toilets may be used, but all surfaces that have been touched have to be cleaned with the provided disinfectant.

All participants are asked to arrive max. 15 min before the lesson and to enter the building keeping a minimum distance of 2 m. After the lesson/ training, the participants must exit the building immediately while again keeping the 2 m distance.

  • Conditions for attending training

Attending the training is only allowed in full health.

Should you have symptoms of illness, such as coughing, respiratory problems, or a cold, attending lessons is not allowed. Should you develop symptoms during a lesson, the training must be stopped immediately.

The resumption of training is only allowed after a 14-day recovery period.

Since using the changing rooms is not allowed, everybody must already be dressed in their training attire.

Barefoot dancing is not allowed. We ask you to wear socks for training.

Dancing is only allowed in the designated and marked squares. This way, we can ensure the minimum distance.

All personal belongings may be taken into the dance studio and are to be places in the designated area, marked with red tape.

  • Further information

All members of the Iwanson school must adhere to the mentioned measures.

Furthermore, participation is only permitted after the disclaimer of liability is signed and handed in with us.

Stay save & healthy and follow all precautions.

Additional measures for the Bad Lemons Training

  • In absence of Jasmine Ellis, the responsibility of adherence to the hygiene concept of the Iwanson School is incumbent upon Emmanielle Rizzo
  • Admission to the studio is only granted after a prior registration with Jasmine Ellis or Emmanuelle Rizzo at badlemonsdance@gmail.com
  • Cash payments should be avoided; participants should pay the training fee in advance via Paypal; participants without a Paypal account can pay the fee in cash, but only of the participant and the person responsible wash and disinfect their hands before and after the money exchange
  • Every participant must provide their personal data and contact details in order to participate in the training
  • Each participant must sign the disclaimer of the Iwanson School as well as the disclaimer of the Bad Lemons Training
  • All participants must adhere to the mentioned measures established by the Iwansons School
  • During training, the requirements for rehearsal and training (20 sqm/ person, 6 m distance) must always be adhered to.