Natalie Bury

The swiss dancer and choreographer Natalie Bury was born in Munich into a family of artists. She early got in contact with dance by her mother, who was a ballerina at Stuttgarter Ballett. Natalie Bury started her education at Iwanson, School for Contemporary Dance in Munich, then she changed to the Ballettakademie Benedict- Manniegel where she finished her education with a diploma for classical and contemporary dance. Natalie also received an education of five years for Kung-Fu, classical singing and went to intensive programs of acting schools. In 2008 she joined the Opus M dance company, where she mainly danced pieces of the neoclassical/contemporary repertoire of Prof. Heinz Manniegel. 

In 2014 Natalie started her work as a freelance dance artist and choreographer. Mainly she created independent works for her own label “natiism”, as a dancer, performer and choreographer. The music for all “natiism” pieces are composed by herself and Hannes Wollmann. 2014 she shot her first dance film ”IN CONTROL” which was invited to the renowned Interfilm Shortfilmfestival 2016 in Berlin (Category: Body Talks/ Dance Shorts).

In September 2016 she performed her Solo “Monsta” at the first edition of the Hier=Jetzt Festival for contemporary dance at Schwere Reiter Theater in Munich. In may 2017 “Monsta” was invited to the solo-duo festival Barnes Crossing in cologne. Natalie created as a guest choreographer a piece for twelve asian dancers called “Mensch Maschine”, which had its premiere in April 2017 as part of the Ars Technica 7/ “Kaleidoscope”.

For the second edition of the Hier=jetzt festival 2017 in collaboration with Tanztendenz , Natalie presented her solo “Frau Müller und die Suche nach der Wirklichkeit” at Schwere Reiter Theater, which was also shown at the Ars Technica 2017 in April and September at BlackBox,Gasteig.Together with the choreographer Marie Johanna Richter and Volker Michl and the foundation, she worked together with young migrants to choreograph a dance theater piece called „Helden_Projekt” 7th edition at Schauburg Theater in coproduction with HochX Theater in may 2017 in Munich.

In September/October 2017 she premiered together with Ada Ramzews their first full evening solo/duo program “Multimove” at BlackBox, Gasteig Munich and Bürgerhaus Pullach, consisting of six different pieces, choreographed and danced by Natalie Bury and Ada Ramzews.

April 2018 Natalie was again at the HIER=JETZT Festival with her Trio „RCP Remote Controlled Parents“, supported by Tanztendenz and Kulturreferat Munich. In 2018 Gdansk Dance Festival, Tanztheater Erfurt Festival 2018 and Raw & Polished Festival 2018 Nürnberg invited Natalie to take part with her Solo „Frau Müller und die Suche nach der Wirklichkeit“. 

March 2019 Natalie  premiered her new Solo Dance Performance: „Fucking Beautiful“ at Tanzhaus Zürich and is invited to FIDCDMX 2019 The International Contemporary Dance Festival of Mexico City.