Sita Ostheimer

March 25. -27. 2022
10:00 Uhr – 13:00Uhr / profi workshop
14:00Uhr – 18:00Uhr  / research project

Photo credit : Gilles Aguila

After finishing her study at the University for Music and Performance Art in Frankfurt Germany 2001, Sita joined MS Schrittmacher at Staatstheater Oldenburg, worked with Itzik Galili in Groningen and Krisztina de Chatel in Amsterdam. In 2008 she joined Hofesh Shechter Company and worked with him as a dancer, workshop leader and choreographic assistant until 2018. She re-staged his work at companies such as NDT I, Paris Opera Ballet, Ballet Basel, Staatsballett Berlin, Aterballetto Italy , Hessisches Staatsballett Wiesbaden and Staatstheater Kassel.

As a freelance Choreographer she created commissioned work for Frontier Danceland Singapore, Hessisches Staatsballett Wiesbaden, Bodhi Project Sead Salzburg, CobosMika Spain and Verve Leeds, as well created for Universities such as Folkwang University Essen and Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. Since 2017 she is the Artistic Director of her Berlin based platform Sita Ostheimer Company, collaborating with guest dancers and a set group of music composers, light-designers and visual artists. The Company’s work toured on several Festivals throughout the world. In 2021 she received an Artist Prize by POOL – INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival BERLIN / DOCK 11, for her ongoing work and outstanding aesthetics in choreography and film. With her workshops series COMPLEX SIMPLICITY, she shares her philosophy and physicality world wide.

Each day the dancers will be guided through Sita’s improvisation technique. Her approach gives the opportunity to discover and be creative with the connection between mind and body. Recognising tension and breaking unconscious movement habits, this workshop enables participants to be in control of their own physical instrument and continue growing creatively, technically and emotionally. Sita works with a game of images, situations, feelings, rhythm, to support individual research on one’s own totality in ever changing circumstances. Her physicality is built on full, embodied, fast, rhythmical changes of emotions and images. 

With this preparation, the dancers then move into learning a given choreography, exploring how to find oneself in learning situations, and absorbing the material. Sita’s movement language is expressive, fluent, sensual and earthy. The unique, animalistic movement language that arises from human instincts is her particular and peculiar signature in dance.

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• space limited
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Research labMarch 25. – 27. 2022 
Bad Lemons Project invites dancers to apply for a research project with Sita Ostheimer as part of the OASIS project. Working with 5 artists, Sita invites you to support and give time for her further investigation of the translation and transformation of the essence of her work through a camera lense.

In this three days research lab, Sita will give you an insight of her physicality and philosophy of the moving and present body, creating material for you, which she then brings in front of the camera lense. This research lab is for professional dancers only, selected by Bad Lemons together with Sita Ostheimer.  Participation in the workshop (or having participated in a former workshop of hers) is mandatory for the dancers who will be doing the research lab.  The sharing of the lab’s work will be in the form of the film publication on social media.

Examples of her film work:
A love story between Night and Chaos
The dimension of beauty is closely tied to silence 

Research Project
March 25. 14:00Uhr – 18:00Uhr
March 26. 14:00Uhr – 18:00Uhr
March 27. 14:00Uhr – 18:00Uhr

*If you are interested and can commit to all the days. 
Send an email with the  subject: Research Lab Sita – with your CV to 

Deadline Feb 17th 2022
selected artists will be paid: 17,50€/hr for 12hr = 210€ for the three days.

Examples of her film work:
A love story between Night and Chaos
The dimension of beauty is closely tied to silence