Alessandra Corti

nov. 6. – 10. 9:30-11 / professional class

40% floor work 
20% partnering
20% improvisation/exploration 
20% phrases 

bio EN
Performer, Choreographer, and Dance Teacher.
During her more than 20-year career, Alessandra worked mainly as a dancer and choreographer at the Bremer Theater, Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, and Staatstheater Mainz with tanzmainz, where she collaborates with internationally renowned choreographers such as Guy Weizmann and Roni Haver, Omar Rajeh, Ann Van den Broek, Koen Augustjinen and Rosalba Torres, Alexandra Waierstall, and Sharon Eyal. Alessandra holds a master’s degree in contemporary dance education (MA CoDE) from the HfMDK University in Frankfurt am Main.

class description:
The class is based on contemporary technique with a focus on floor-work as a tool to improve body awareness, sensitivity, and body condition. During the week participants will experience an approach to floor-work less acrobatic but more directed to gain softness and power. Shorter and longer phrases will explore coordination and weight shifting as an implement to move in space. Simple partnering exercises will be used to improve trust and communication. Participants will be engaged in the group dynamic of the class while developing a personal perspective on the training itself. The aim of the week is to activate and strengthen the concept of the Available Body, a body ready to approach different kinds of work without losing its center and identity.

professional training/local training exchange
: Monday – Friday 9:30h – 11:00h
Price: 5, – € per class or 20, – € for the whole week.
Location: T29 – dance space / T29 @ FatCat, Rosenheimer Str. 5, 81667 München (old Gasteig)
how to get there (video)

Current Class Rules
• space limited
• first come first serve
• no late entries to class.