Alina Belyagina

Alina is educated at the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.  She spent three years in Poland learning ancient Greek and Latin and working as a classic ballet teacher in Silesian Dance Theater and Rozbark Dance and Movement Theater. After moving to Germany Alina started my choreographic career by participating in Soltunatu Tantsu Lava The PREMIERE`17 residency in Tallinn and then started working with Freies Theater München where she continued to study dance while doing projects in Brussels and Tel Aviv. 

As a dancer, she worked with, among others, Hege Haagenrud, Isabelle Schad, Claudia Castellucci, Helena Waldmann.

Choreographic internship with Sharon Eyal (Israel Ballet.Carmen)

Yasmeen Godder Company (dance for Parkinson) and Richard Siegal.

Choreography: Alina created video and movement installations for Baltic Contemporary Art Gallery (PL), Dance Atelier Reykjavik, performance IMAGO, DeepEnd. In 2018 to this day she is  a guest choreographer for Gesher Theater with the work “The Chinese who Read a Newspaper while Waiting for the Gallows” as the first production and she is  a resident at the TanzFabrik Linz(A), Tanztendenz Munich. In 2017 got selected with IMAGO at Tanzwerkstatt Europa Festival. In 2018 she created DEEPEND for 6 dancers. Also, currently she works and tours her creation Pure.Image, a solo perfomance (already performed in ZIL Moscow, FMK Dance Festival Vientiane, Laos).