Amos Ben-Tal

Oct 18. – 22. 2021 / 9:30 – 11:00 Uhr / profi class @Circus Hub

Amos Ben-Tal (Israel, 1979) is a choreographer, musician and artistic leader of the artist-
collective OFFprojects. Amos completed his training in 1997 at The National Ballet School in
Toronto, Canada. He then moved to Holland where he danced at Nederlands Dans Theater for
nine years. It is also at NDT where he developed his passion for choreography, making his debut
in 2005 with the piece Track for NDT1. In 2006 Amos left NDT to dedicate himself to developing
his own work, creating several successful performances under the wing of Korzo Productions.
In 2012 Amos founded OFFprojects, a collective consisting of former dancers of NDT and
Batsheva Ensemble. With his group he created several well-received interdisciplinary works
among which OFFline, MIGHT, 60 and Howl (winner Dioraphte Dance Prize). Their most recent
work, Interval, is an exploration of the relationship between dance and architecture.
OFFprojects performs extensively all over The Netherlands as well as abroad.
Amos composes the music (and text) for all his pieces as well as for other choreographers, and is
the lead singer of the rock band Noblesse.

Socials: @offprojects

Choreographer Amos Ben-Tal’s training method is based on guided improvisation. The
class is made up of instructions and tasks that each participant is free to interpret in their
own way. The training is therefore suitable for movers of all kinds – the only requirement
is curiosity. In the class Amos places an emphasis on working with dualities: heavy &
weightless, internal & external, imaginary & physical, precise & chaotic etc.
This training improves body-mind connectivity, creativity, physical intuition and stamina.
It is also the foundation of Amos’ choreographic language and is the primary training
method of his collective OFFprojects.