Antoni Androulakis

Jan. 23. – 27. 9:30h – 11:00h / professional training

photo: Dominique Leruth

Born in Belgium, Antoni Androulakis graduated from the Conservatory of Antwerp( Belgium) before entering La Manufacture (Switzerland), where he focused on choreographic research as well as creating his own teaching material. Antoni has collaborated & performed with Alexander Vantournhout, Lisbeth Gruwez, Rakesh Sukesh, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing & Adam Benjamin amongst others. Asides performing, he has been the choreographic assistant of the Company Cocoon during the creation of “Attaque” & is currently working on his last solo “Tethered”. Eager to share his own research, he has been teaching in different countries across Europe & Central America where he aims to connect elements of floor work & acrobatics.

Class Description:
Name of the practice: Fluxness

The practice is a synthesis of the different ways I have approached both floor work & acrodance over the past 10 years. 
It breaks down the question of “how to use gravity as a movement generator?”.
Using mainly improvisation, this question will be answered through the exploration of different concepts such as: 

  • Becoming conscious of the use of our weight through the points of contact we create with the floor.
  • Exploring the idea of being both relaxed & active; using the needed tension in order to facilitate movement while getting rid of unnecessary rigidity.
  • Using our body as a holistic organism. Seeing it as a whole rather than separated, we will find ways to make our full body contributes to the movement.

I will also share my background in acrobatics. Looking at different patterns & figures as movements rather than “tricks” to include them in one’s own dance. 

I do not differentiate in between the way I deal with movement and how I deal with my daily life. My teaching is therefor a synthesis of my intuitive understanding of things I am actively practicing: awareness, challenge & playfulness. 

No acrobatic experience is needed but a basic floorwork knowledge is required.

Video of a previous workshop:

Previous teaching: Marameo( DE), TicTac( BE), Fontys/ ACAPA( NL), Tanzhaus Zürich( CH), K3- Kampnagel( DE), Theater Bremen/ Unusual Symptom Company( DE), Cocoondance Company( CH), AN-TRE Program( PT), Tanzbuero( CH), Katapult( DE), Exim Company( UK), 

Tanznetz( DE), CircoFantazztico( CR), Tanzfabrik( DE), ..

Pronouns: He/ Him
Instagram: antoni.androulakis
Facebook: Antoni Androulakis

professional training/local training exchange
Time: Monday – Friday 9:30h – 11:00h
Price: 5, – € per class or 20, – € for the whole week.
Location: T29 – dance space / Thorwaldsenstraße 29, 80335 München, Germany

Current Class Rules
** you must pre-register for class here **
• space limited
• 10min before class your spot will be given away, to someone who showed up. 
• no late entries to class.
• currently no Covid Rules