Chris-Pascal Englund-Braun

June 5. – 9. – 9:30 – 11:00h / Local Training Exchange

27% Being immortal (for the moment)
25% Eating the space around us
19% Fantasizing
18% Launching yourself into space
Coming back down: Voluntarily
In- and exhaling: Highly recommended
12% Connect-Connect-Connect to everything we see and don’t see

101% in total because we bend the rules as we seem fit

photo: @yuuubo

short biography
Chris-Pascal Englund Braun ist Tänzer, Choreograf, Schauspieler und Dozent.
2017 absolvierte er  die Tanzausbildung an der Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance und begann kurz darauf dort regelmäßig zu unterrichten und zu choreografieren. Die Zeit im Tanzensemble des Staatstheaters Kassel (‘20-’21) unter der Leitung von Johannes Wieland hat Chris’ künstlerischen Werdegang stark beeinflusst. 
In seinen Choreographien sucht er die nahtlose Verbindung zwischen Tanz, Text und Schauspiel in extremer Physikalität.
Sein Schauspieldebüt hatte Chris 2022 in “Amsterdam” (Staatstheater Ingolstadt, Regie Julia Prechsl).
Chris sieht Tanz als Form der zwischenmenschlichen Kommunikation und als Medium der abstrakten Erzählkunst, welches er nutzt um seine Art die Welt zu sehen, zu kommunizieren.

Chris-Pascal Englund Braun is a dancer, choreographer, actor and teacher.
After graduating from Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in 2017 he started teaching and choreographing there on a regular basis.
His artistic vision is strongly influenced by his time in Staatstheaters Kassel (‘20-’21) under the choreographic direction from Johannes Wieland.
In his own choreographic work, Chris is striving to find the seamless connection between dancing, speaking and acting through extreme physicality and expression.
2022 he had his debut as an actor on stage in the theater piece “Amsterdam” (Staatstheater Ingolstadt, directed by Julia Prechsl).
Chris sees dance as a form of communicating as well as a form of abstract storytelling, which he uses to express his way of seeing and interpreting the world.

class description
As I am writing this prior to a month before the actual class, I honestly don’t know what exactly is gonna happen. Maybe I will be heavily fascinated by square dancing within the next couple of weeks and we’ll wear our cowboy/girl boots and hats – I doubt it, but who knows?
Anyway, here are some key words, that I could imagine to be fitting to what I could see us venture into:
Theatricality, Expression, Storytelling, Dialed up Physicality, Pumping up the Jams, Moving liberated and finding liberation through movement.
We’ll warm up together properly before stepping into the unknown together.
One thing is sure, everything is supported by playlists that spit fire.
It’s gonna be a vibe. 

preferred pronouns: he/him
Instagram: @chrispasknall

professional training/local training exchange
: Monday – Friday 9:30h – 11:00h
Price: 5, – € per class or 20, – € for the whole week.
LocationT29 – dance space / Thorwaldsenstraße 29, 80335 München, Germany

Current Class Rules
** you must pre-register for class here **
• space limited
• 10min before class your spot will be given away, to someone who showed up. 
• no late entries to class.
• currently no Covid Rules

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Jan 24. – 28. 2022 9:30h -11:00h