Cyril Baldy

Nov. 19. – 24. 9:30 – 11h / professional training

100 % guided improv, no partnering.

photo: Dominik Mentzos

Cyril Baldy is a dancer, choreographer, educator, rehearsal director and stager. Born in France in 1980. He studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris from 1993 to 1997. As a dancer, he joined his first professional company in 1997 named “Le Jeune Ballet de France”. From 1998 to 2002, he successively was part of Nederland Dans Theatre II and Nederland Dans Theatre I under the direction of Jiri Kylian. In 2002, he became a member of Frankfurt Ballet then The Forsythe Company from 2005 to 2014 under the artistic direction of William Forsythe. In 2014, he became a freelancer, taking on the role of choreographer, educator, rehearsal director and stager for William Forsythe. He choreographed notable dances such as “Divertissement” (CNSMD Lyon – 2023), “Choreographic Exercise” (HfMDK – 2022), “Steps Of Dance” (HfMDK – 2020), “Variation(s) For A Few” (Tanzplattform Rhein-Main in Frankfurt – 2019), “A Dance For Many” (for KOST at the Athens Festival in Athens – 2019), “Variation By Ashley Wright” (premiered at Treloarland in Melbourne – 2018), ”Variation(s)” (Pact Zollverein- Germany – 2017), “Variation III: On The Theme Of William Hay” (Neuer Kunstverein in Wuppertal – 2017), “Variation(s) By Louella May Hogan” (premiered at Treloarland in Melbourne – 2017). His choreographies extends to film with “This Is Not Raymonda But Whatever It Contains” (2015), “William Hay” (2017), “HTCTW #8” (2018) “In Preparation For” (2018), “unattended choreography” (2019) and “Studio Works Collection: HTCTW” (since 2017). Through his choreography, he developed a dance practice called “Sentient Method” taught to PARTS, HZT, DOCH, DFDC, PNB, Musée de la Danse, Hubbard Street Dance Company, STRUT, PACT Zollverein, K3, CNDC Anger, Lyon Opera Ballet, among others. As dancer, since 2014 he performed in “A Quiet Evening Of Dance” by William Forsythe, “Bastards. We Are All Illegitimate Children” and “Remains Persist” by Moriah Evans.

class description:
Sentient Method is designed of any body to dance starting from sensations rather than form. It offers a framework that improves coordination, dexterity and creativity. The class is guided by a series of layered instructions that stimulate cognitive and physical awareness.At the heart of the method, improvisation and exploration allows each participant to empower themselves. “TO DANCE IS TO ORGANISE SENSATION, REGARDLESS OF FORM.” – Cyril Baldy Sentient Method is an ever evolving practice created and developed by choreographer and dancer Cyril Baldy. It offers an adaptable physical frameworks based on a synthesis of physical principles rooted in various dance forms. Based on a deep listening to and awareness of the scope of physical sensations Sentient Method relies on 3 fundamentals.
• Ease
• Sense
• Move
• Put together, these fundamentals can help to reveal undiscovered dances already contained in us.


insta: @cyrilbaldy
preferred pronouns: he/him

professional training/local training exchange
: Monday – Friday 9:30h – 11:00h
Price: 5, – € per class or 20, – € for the whole week.
Location: T29 – dance space / T29 @ FatCat, Rosenheimer Str. 5, 81667 München (old Gasteig)

Current Class Rules
• space limited
• first come first serve
• no late entries to class.