Jack Waldas

Jack Waldas
Following his dance education at Ballet School New York and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, Jack danced with New York Theater Ballet. In 1993 he moved to Europe, where he danced as a Soloist with Nationaltheater Mannheim, Stadttheater Augsburg and Landestheater Innsbruck and Linz. In these theatres he had the opportunity to work with choreographers such as Philippe Talard, Jochen Ulrich, Jochen Heckmann, Félix Duméril, Mei Hong Lin.

At the end of his stage career Jack devoted himself to furthering his knowledge of dance, yoga, body work and health-oriented movement. He completed educations in Prana Flow® yoga, Anusara® yoga, Spiral Dynamik® body mechanics, as well as studying dance medicine, yoga therapy, thai massage and Tai Chi. The combination of these experiences led him, together with colleague Marion Whyte, to develop his own teaching method for organic ballet: Breathing Body Ballet. He is also the creator of Anandansa® – Yoga Dance.

Since 2008 he has been a core teacher at Tanzprojekt Munich for ballet and modern dance as well as giving workshops for Yoga Dance and organic ballet internationally. Recently, he has started to teach organic ballet to the bachelor students at the Bruckner University where he is also completing a masters program in movement research and dance pedagogy. He is co-director of Spanda Yoga Teachers Training. His book „Street Yoga“ (Kösel) was awarded yoga book of the year 2013 by Yoga Guide. Jack lives in Munich, Germany with his wife and two daughters.

Class Description

The Power of the Breath – Contemporary Class with Bad Lemons Project

The breath is more than moving air in and out of your body. In dance it can be the driving force of your movement, the impulse of your expression and the inner music of your bodily composition. In this week of classes, the dance and yoga teacher Jack Waldas will guide you into a practice that embodies the power of the breath and how that can empower your dancing. Over these five days you will encounter:
> How to access the directions, dynamics and expression of the breath
> How to connect our movement with the breath power
> How the fascial net and the breath unite to create whole-body engagement and awareness
> How your movement control and freedom can be awakened by – yes, once again – the breath
> How all of the above can inspire your movement creativity