Laura Manz

April 24. – 28. 2023
9:30 -11:00 / Local Training Exchange

20% anatomical & spatial awareness  
20% partnerwork 
30% floorwork – impro & phrases
10% see patterns & break habits
10% perception & sensorical exploration

10% pilates/yoga influences
100% exploration of movement

short bio:
Laura Manz is a munich born and based dance artist, performer, teacher and movement researcher.
Ever since she graduated, Laura danced and performed for different theaters and choreographers like Ceren Oran, Constantin Georgescu, Caroline Finn or Matteo Carvone. She not only performed on different international stages but also in public spaces and even in some churches.
In her own projects and researches, that are just in the beginning, she deals with themes that question the way human beings interact with nature, as well as focusing on sensory perceptions and environmental influences on the human body. Not only for that but in general bringing different views and ways of working is indispensable for her. That’s why she enjoys and values the artistic exchange and research with e.g., musicians, authors, poets, fine / VR / or videography artists and is always interested in new questions and collaborations.
Teaching dance, movement and understanding of the body is another part of her work – she loves seeing students and colleagues grow artistically and supports them to explore the endless possibilities of moving the human body as well as discover new pathways and therefore see and break habits.
Laura is also creatively supporting TanzQuelle; OASIS and Bad Lemons Project – connects artists and supports exchange in the munich freelance scene as well as produces dance works.

class description:
By rolling, sliding, spiraling and many other ways of moving our bodies on the floor we will bring our awareness not only to our spine and its endless possibilities – but also to the 3-dimensional space in which we exist. We will observe where and how in space our moving body is – how perspectives and relations between our structure, the space, the floor, and other bodies change.
There will be partnerwork in which we deepen the physical connection with another body, explore the structure of the spine – understand, explore, and learn about our bodies in motion and in connection.
We will also be upside down and explore different dynamics while deepen our awareness and sensitivity on physical and mental levels. I aim to strengthen the awareness of each one for themselves, to see their own movement habits and patterns and eventually break them consciously in order to enrich creative resources.

instagram: looraley

professional training/training exchange
Time: Monday – Friday 9:30Uhr – 11:00Uhr
Price: 5, – € per class or 20, – € for the whole week.
Location: Thorwaldsenstraße 29 80335 München, Germany

Current Class Rules** you must pre-register for class here **
• space limited
• 10min before class your spot will be given away, to someone who showed up.
• no late entries to class.
• currently no Covid Rules