Natalie Bury

April 11. – 15.
9:30 Uhr – 11:00 Uhr / training exchange
12:00Uhr – 17:00Uhr / TanzQuelle project – MENTORING

Natalie Bury the Swiss Natalie Bury received training in classical ballet and contemporary dance. She received acting lessons, learned classical singing and practiced KungFu for many years. She was engaged by Opus M Dance Company in Munich, before she started in 2014, as a freelance dancer and choreographer. Her choreographic works have been shown at international dance festivals around the world and invitations from theaters such as the Theatres de la Ville de Luxembourg, etc followed. In 2020 Natalie was engaged by Martin Zimmermann, for a production at the Zurich Opera House. With her new piece “Woman” she had a residency in summer 2021 at Tanzhaus Zürich.

Natalie is emphasising in her class quick changes of dynamics, working on going from extreme tension to complete relaxation in very fast succession strongly related to rhythm. One of her signatures is the creation of a maximum of physicality and expression without using large ground filling movements. Isolation technique and short, very detailed and precise movments rooted in urban dance like “popping” defines Natalies style. Changes of dynamics are very much rooted in the dancers emotion, which will be caught in improvisation games bringing out a childish foolishness aswell as the instinctive and creature like elements of each dancer.The human being in all his habits and limitations gives us the basic material.

Part of the class will be a classical ballet warm up because Natalie is convinced that this gives access to highest tension of the body and to create the awareness for this sort of dynamic. On the other hand breaking any kind of forms or lines and finding a way back into it in a very unique way is one of her principle teaching aims. Natalie wants to show how to use facial expressions and voice, less to act more to make our faces and voices dance.

professional training/training exchange
: Monday – Friday 9:30Uhr – 11:00Uhr
Price: 5, – € per class or 20, – € for the whole week.
LocationT29 – dance space / Thorwaldsenstraße 29 80335 München, Germany

Current Covid Rules are 2G+
** you must pre-register for class here **
• space limited
­• present vaccination proof
­• present a negative Antigen-Schnelltest less than 24hrs old ( no self-test allowed)
­• If you reserve a spot and don’t cancel 48hr beforehand, you are obliged to pay, even if you don’t attend. As you have taken a spot that could have been used by someone else.