Nil Teisner

July 13. -16. 2021

Nil has been involved in various physical disciplines since childhood and passes on his experiences and ideas for a holistic, long-lasting, fulfilling and joyful movement practice in his work.His interest in working with the body and in the second step with the mind began early on. With an academic study in sports science in Munich, educational program to become a massage therapist and many seminar visits on a wide variety of topics, he then began his professional work as a teacher. Nil sees continuous further education, open-mindedness and a constant curiosity towards life as the foundation of his work.His teaching is characterized by his interest and practice of many systems and disciplines, including dance, rehabilitation & health training, parkour, acrobatics / artistry, bouldering/climbing, weight training, gymnastics, combat, yoga, meditation, bodywork, didactics, pedagogy, etc. The way of working is and remains dynamic: new experiences are integrated into the work, obsolete material is discarded.The teaching goes beyond the physical: aspects such as learning experiences and processes, exploration of the self, trust in one’s own body or fear management are an integral part of the approach.

Class Description – Diving into the Floor

“Finding Flow // Diving into the Floor” is designed to give participants an insight into soft acrobatics, communication with the ground, risk management and body awareness.The class begins with a whole body routine that aims to train body awareness, establish a solid connection with the ground, strengthen certain chains in the body that are often neglected and prepare the body for the practice afterwards.In the further course of the session, the participants are confronted with movement tasks which are to be solved individually and train physical intelligence. The floor is brought closer to the participants, with a special focus on fall school and risk management.Last but not least, the participants will get an introduction to ground level acrobatics, which can be used to find playful and effortless transitions in and out of the floor.

Time: Tuesday – Friday 09:30am – 11:00am
Price: 5,- € per class or 20,-€ for the whole week
Location: Munich Circus Hub, Haager Straße. 10a, 81671 München, Germany
For any questions e-mail: Jasmine Ellis at


Previously at Bad Lemons Project:
July 13. – 17. 2020