OASIS project

We are delighted to announce that with the support of TANZPAKT RECONNECT and continued support from the cultural department of the City of Munich Bad Lemons Project & TanzQuelle will be offering larger professional development opportunities in 2022. Over a 12 month period collectively the two projects under Jasmine Ellis Projects gUG will be offering:

Bad Lemons Project /  Profi training 
12 weeks – training for professional dancers with international guest artists

Bad Lemons Project / Local training exchange 
12 weeks – training for professional dancers with local guest artists.

Bad Lemons Project / Research Labs 
12 weeks – visiting artist lead – creative exchanges leading to public sharing of findings. 3 leading to showings in collaboration with HochX Theatre

TanzQuelle / mentoring labs 
3 weeks – one-week peer-to-peer mentoring with a final presentation in the studio

TanzQuelle & HochX theatre/co- creation Lab 
3 weeks – choreographer lead co-creation creative process, with fixed local artists, leading to a public showing at HochX Theatre.

TanzQuelle / workshops 
3 weeks – mentor lead professional development encounters for professional development focusing on somatic practices, conception, and composition practices. 

TanzQuelle / training reflections 
 6 times – participants lead reflections on one of the professional training sessions. 

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