Samantha van Wissen

Nov. 25th 11 – 13h – Masterclass “in the moment”

photo: Bart Grietens

After training at the Rotterdam Dance Academy, Samantha van Wissen joined Rosas/Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. From 1991 to 1997, she participates in many creations and in repertory pieces. Since 1998, as one of the founder members of company ZOO/Thomas Hauert, she has been working with the company ever since. Participated in almost all performances such as: Cows in Space, Pop-up Songbook, Jetzt, Verosimile, Accords, Mono, How to Proceed and EFEU.  She also played in the pieces: Drie Zusters and Droesem, directed by Inne Goris (Seven). In 2021 she worked together with Francois Gremaud for the solo “Giselle”. For this solo she received Prix de la meilleure Interprète 2023, Prix De La Critique.  She also gives workshops at PARTS, Summer Studios, Impulstanz and other training programs.

class description:
I would like to share and experience with you, some tools for improvising and practises developed in company ZOO/ Thomas Hauert.
Our body, mind and reflexes will be invited to go out of their comfort zone and known patterns. Working individually and in small groups, you will be challenged by “outside” information.  These challenges will enlarge the pallet of possible responses, and create a state where we are free to modify constantly.
Being “in the moment”, ready to steer, undergo, resist, extend, shape and dance…

masterclass – in collaboration with Joint Adventures
: Nov 25th / 11-13h
price: 10,- €
location: Tanztendenz, Lindwurmstr. 88