Susanne Schneider

June 29. – July 3. 2020

Susanne Schneider was born in Munich and started her dance education in Barcelona. She studied Educational Science, European Ethnology and Comparative Religious Studies at the LMU in Munich. In 2014 she graduated with a BA in Dance from the University of Dance and Music in Cologne. She is influenced by movement practices such as Counter Technique, Release Technique, Feldenkrais, Ideokinesis, Klein Technique, Acrobatics, Breakdance, as well as conscious made decisions and anatomical limitations. Susanne values both: wild- and -crazy-physicality and anatomically-informed-movement. Since 2013 she has worked as a freelance dancer with CocoonDance experiencing different roles and ways of how to contribute to a working process. She was performing with the dance production “VIS MOTRIX” at the Tanzplattform 2020 in Munich. As a dancer she co-created pieces situated in the field of New Circus and Fine Arts with the acrobat duo Overhead Project and the choreographer Özlem Alkis. For her, transmission of dance is central to dance as an art form, that is building bridges between a researching dance-artist, a dancing participant and a sensing audience-member. To deepen her interests in aspects of transmission she studied the Master of Contemporary Dance Education at the University of Music and Performing Arts and recently graduated with her master thesis on kinesthetic empathy in contemporary dance training. In formats such as Physical Introduction she is giving a sensorial entry before a dance performance. She is teaching classes for professional dancers, workshops for less experienced dancers e.g. music students (HfMDK Frankfurt) and projects in schools (e.g. Perform(d)ance Stralsund).

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Class Description – Kinesthetic empathy in contemporary dance training

Keywords: sensorial awareness, proprioception, physical connectivity, synchronicity, the joy of dancing together.

How do we connect to each other on a physical level? Is “dancing together” a skill that can be trained and what does it require? Specific exercises will deal with those questions around physical connectivity within contemporary dance training (without using touch as it is used in contact improvisation). The aim is to create a reflexive body that is constantly receiving and processing sensorial information from the own body and the surroundings. “Listening” as a broader notion will be enhanced to move in relation to interior and exterior information – also in physically demanding situations. The created awareness forms the basis to relate in a conscious way to other bodies in space. The training is physically demanding, including awareness for sensorial information, movement patterns (phrase work), and improvisation. The training wants to offer a space where dancing (and sweating) together can be trained as a useful tool for other working contexts and is aware of the fact that freelance dance artists were separated due to the Corona crises. It also takes into consideration the special demands of the current situation in relation to hygiene and distance regulations.

Time: Monday – Friday 09:30am – 11:00am

Price: 5,- € per class or 20,-€ for the whole week

Location: Iwanson Schule – Adi-Maislinger-Straße 12, 81373 München

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