Manuel Molino

January 28. – February 1. 2019

French-born, Manuel Molino studied at l’Ecole Professionnelle Supérieure d’Enseignement de la Danse in Montpellier under the direction of Anne-Marie Porras. After graduating in 2014, Manuel joined the National Choreographic Center of Nantes, Brumachon/Lamarche as a student. Since, he’s working for the “Atlas/Studies” within the framework of the structure PLAY with Michèle Murray. He is also part of the French Clown company “Atout clowns” with who he’s experimenting and mixing a body research and a dramaturgic work. Today Manuel takes part of Sita Ostheimer’s Company, as an assistant and performer. C

Class description:

 “the Complex Simplicity” a technique create by Sita Ostheimer.

Participants will be guided through an improvisations’ technique. This lab gives the dancers an understanding of their connection between mind and body in order to be in control of their own physical instrument and therefore continue growing creatively and technically. A game of images, situations, feelings, rhythm and in bodying those. Her physicality is built on fast rhythmical changes of emotions and Images. The movement language is expressive, fluent, sensual and earthy. The unique animalistic movement language that arises from the human instinct is her particular and peculiar signature in dance.C


Time: Monday – Friday 09:30am – 11:00am

Price: 5,- € per class or 20,-€ for the whole week

Location: Tanztendenz München e.V. / Lindwurmstraße 88 / 5th floor, 80337 Munich

About Bad Lemons Project

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